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13kW electric motorcycle/electric vehicle chassis dynamometer, passed customer performance acceptanc
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13kW electric motorcycle/electric vehicle chassis dynamometer, passed customer performance acceptance!
The chassis dynamometer can mainly be used for testing two wheel/three wheel/four wheel electric motorcycles and electric vehicles. Using servo motor loading, it is possible to simulate the actual ground resistance of a vehicle while driving on the road. Equipped with a cooling fan, the wind speed can follow the vehicle speed, and can truly simulate the wind resistance of the vehicle during road driving. This set of products can test a maximum vehicle weight of 2000 kg, power of 13 kW, maximum vehicle speed ≤ 110 km/h, and simulate a maximum wind speed of 50 km/h.
This chassis dynamometer is equipped with a loading roller pneumatic brake system and a pneumatic lifting system for vehicles to drive in and out of the chassis dynamometer, making it safer and more convenient. Equipped with an upper ramp, the chassis dynamometer can be installed on the ground without pit installation, greatly saving the civil construction cost of the chassis dynamometer.
The "electric vehicle chassis dynamometer testing software" independently developed by Lanmec Technology can be used to test vehicle performance such as "maximum speed", "acceleration performance", "climbing performance", "coasting test", "constant speed method range", and "operating mode method range".
Lanmec Technology is a professional manufacturer of various test benches! Non standard customization, what suits you is the most important!

"Your satisfaction is our eternal pursuit"! Lanmec Technology, worthy of your trust, consultation hotline: 400-111-3688!

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